Power Solution Achievements

  • We continued with growth trend achieved in India power, in Power Solutions too.
    Our customers can utilize our experience in diverse specialized jobs at a competitive cost and high quality.
    Few of the projects undertaken are:

 Developed land based diesel generator set rated at 2500kw at 11kV, 1000 rpm for Indian railways from DLW 251 Series of Locomotive engine.

 Designed installed and commissioned control, protection and AVR panel for 1 of 5MW KKK- Steam turbine generator set for Kutch Chemicals Ltd. Gandhi Dham, Gujarat in 2006. Customer was also provided mechanical expertise to solve lifting of LP stage of turbine by 20mm under vacuum.

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 Designed, installed and commissioned automatic synchronizing, load sharing and LOAD shedding panel for 2 of 1.9Mw, 11kV GE Jenbacher Gas Gen sets + 2 of 1.6MW, 415V Cummins Gas Gen sets + 1 of 1.6mw 415V Cat diesel generating set for SAMCOR Glass Kota, Rajasthan in 2006.

 Solved problem with 10MW HFO Captive Power Plant, consisting of 2 of 5MW Powerica/MAN B&W to run cold rolling steam mill at Asian Colour Coated Ispat Ltd. At Bawal, Haryana, India in 2007-08.

 Designed, built, installed and commissioned, instrumentation and controls for automatic AMF start, protection, synchronizing and load sharing including parallel operation with Grid for 2 of 2.4MW 11kV DG sets for Rail Wheel Wagon Factory, Chhapra, Bihar for Indian railways in 2008.

 Assisted in design of containerized silent DG set packages and designed, supplied & installed compact control and switchgear for automatic parallel operation of rental fleet from 300kVA to 750kVA in UAE in 2012.

 Design, build, installation and commissioning of following miscellaneous for 3 nos. Of 11kV DG sets at wheel and axle plant at Yelhanka, Bangalore of Indian Railways in 2010-12:
1. Automatic AMF start, control, protection, synchronizing and load sharing panel and engine instrumentation for 1 of 2.4mw 11kv dg set.
2. Up-gradation of existing 2 numbers of 1.75MW, 11kV DG sets for:
– Auto synchronizing and load sharing.
– Replace obsolete AVR of alternators and Governor of engines.

 Designed, built, installed and commissioned auto synchronizing and load sharing panels in 2012-13 for:
- 2 of 3.235MW 11kV MAN B&W – Leroy Somer DG sets based IPP. at El-Genena, Sudan.
- 3 of 3.235MW 11kV MAN B&W – DG sets based IPP. at El-Fasher, Sudan.

 Designed and built 300a/ 300V DC rated Digital Static Excitation system for Indian Railways for testing of power packs of EMD Locomotive up to 4500HP at DLW, Varanasi, India in 2013.